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Recruiting in the fitness industry is not just about finding candidates that fit roles, it is about fitting the culture of your gym or studio. As the first fitness recruiting firm, only at FITcruitment do we have the experience in doing just that.

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At Fitcruitment, our top priority is delivering exceptional job candidates in the fitness industry. We developed recruiting techniques, candidate assessments, and a unique skills testing process to ensure that we quality matches between a fitness related job seeker and employer. From short-term temporary employees for busy season to full-time professional hiring, we will provide the ideal candidate, when you need them.

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The Fitcruitment Advantage...

Industry Specialized

Outsiders do not understand the fitness industry. Trust your recruiting firm to source true talent for your gym or studio, not just a warm body.

In Depth Screening

With our process, we screen every candidate, put them through fitness and knowledge testing and background check…before the interview.

Cast A Wider Net

Attract the best employees though our massive referral network, hundreds of career sites, and even straight from personal training school!


All of Fitcruitments placement come with a 6 month guarantee. If you are unhappy or the employee leaves, we will replace at no cost!

Save Time + Money

Hiring employees are expensive. We cover all cost to source, hire, and train the employee, which estimates tally at $4,000 or more!

Increase Flexability

Temporary employees can be brought in to cover a vacation or maternity/paternity leave. We even source seasonal work to help prep for January!

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