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fitcruitment is a full-service fitness recruiting company, connecting the best gyms to the world’s best talent.

We recruit personal trainers dance instructors sales associates cycling coaches gym managers pilates instructors yoga gurus rock stars for you

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fitness recruiting can help gyms by identifying and hiring talented fitness professionals to join their staff. only fitcruitment has experience hiring personal trainers, group fitness instructors, and other fitness-related roles. our strong team of fitness recruiters can help improve the overall candidate quality and time to hire. fitness recruiting can be done through a variety of channels, such as job postings, social media, and professional networking events. 

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our six step process

we deliver highly qualified candidates in as little at 14 days

step one

we start with a 30-minute discovery call to determine what is your gym is looking for in a candidate and fitness recruiter

step two

we spread the word. we advertise the role to a network of over 35,000 fitness industry professionals, and online sites like Indeed and Google

step three

your recruiter will prescreen the candidates for necessary experience, certifications, and conduct reference checks

step four

once we find the best of the best we submit the top three candidates for virtual or in-person interviews, we filter out 93% of all candidates

step five

hired! let us handle all of the offer, the paperwork and initial onboarding of the new employee. we will have them ready to go.

step six

relax, we back all our newly hired personal trainers with a 180-day satisfaction guarantee ensuring your gym the perfect fit

We can Handle It All

Salary Analysis

We analyze the cost of a new hiring a new personal trainer in your market, at the skill-level you require. we know what most gyms are currently paying!

Job Descriptions

our fitness recruiters write job descriptions to attract the best candidates in for your gym.


Our expert fitness recruiting team source for you, recruiting and headhunting to find the perfect fit for your job opening.

Resume Vetting

On average our clients receive only the top 7% of all applicants. Saving them time, and ensuring only the best candidates enter the interview phase.

Selection Consulting

Choosing who to hire is stressful, we help our customers hire with confidence. we add another layer of confidence with the Fitcrutiment guarantee.

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Hear From Our Clients

“For us, what set the Fitcruitment team apart from other search agencies was the level of dedication and responsiveness we experienced. They were able to find the needle in the haystack with the speed that we needed. I recommend them highly and will absolutely ”
Diane Neville
“If you are looking for professional personal trainers I recommend Fitcruitment. Their team was able to locate very qualified professionals in a very short time and give us options to choose from that fit our budget. Quick and professional!
Mike Alvis
“My Fitcruitment recruiter made the entire experience exceptional. From the first few minutes with the introductory phone call they were engaging, considerate, and genuine. My recruiter understood my gyms needs, expectations, culture, and history and found my perfect fit! ”
Deb Meyers

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